Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mama Bear

I would find it very hard to believe that I am the only preemie mom who's finding herself  obsessively, crazily and wildly overprotective. Infatuated with hand washing - all while chiming " We must kill those germs, all the germs!"

Its a curious spot to be in, when I can read the faces of others around me that basically say "You're NUTS!" but, I just don't think I can make anyone understand who has not been through it. Having your first newborn baby is scary, but I am certain that having a newborn preemie is much worse. Fortunately, Josh feels the exact same way as I do, and is a fellow germ Nazi.

I think as we come further along in our journey, we will find comfort with things that seem unfathomable now, such as others holding and kissing Jaxson. Lets face it : though I would love to keep him in a safe bubble forever, we're going to have to share him with the world, and he needs to be exposed to those germs we're trying so hard to protect him from.

Until then, I suppose all I can do is accept that FOR RIGHT NOW I need to be that over protective (and you best beware) Mama Bear. I believe that the first step in getting over this will be to first acknowledge it (done) and accept it, so lets go right ahead and get onto accepting it!

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