Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Chronic Fever Specialist...

First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU! to everyone who reached out and chatted with me about my previous blog post. I had no idea how many people thought about us, cared, or just wondered about Jaxson...and reached out to me. Thank you, you're amazing and you made me feel so very loved yesterday.

Today I am taking Jaxson to go to the ENT specialist as recommended by the neurologist in Boston. They say there is a disease that causes abscesses in the adenoids and tonsils that can cause a chronic fever and little other symptoms. Though I feel this is unlikely since he did not respond to antibiotics when he had Lyme Disease and he's NEVER had an ear infection, we have to cross it off our list. If they do find this, it will likely mean surgery for Jaxson. We are also getting his hearing tested again today. This will be his 4th test. Because of the type of ventilator he was on, and the fact that Josh has mild hearing loss, and I have severe/moderate loss from a congenital birth defect, it is something we need to keep an eye with Jaxson anyhow and It might give us some answers as to why he is not responding to his name, and is very sensitive to low noises but not high pitched.

We are on our own today, Josh is at work. I'm thinking this is a great time to go check out something yummy since we have to drive to portland anyhow...Just not sure what yet :)

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