Friday, March 23, 2012

Preemie Parents Day

Today, for Preemie Parents Day, I am remembering and sending love to my fellow preemie moms and dads for all that you have been feeling, or are currently feeling. Your love, strength and courage for your baby is inspirational. I am not alone with feeling like I was torn into peices when I had to leave my baby behind in the hospital and drove away when I should have been bringing him home. How hard it was not to be able to see him or touch him after he was born, or being able to hold him or let alone touch for weeks  without asking permission first. I remember how scared we were when we called the NICU every hour during the night (Im sure we drove the nurses nuts!), waiting to hear bad news, praying for the best, scared every time the phone rang that it would be THAT call. I remember watching my son fight and suffer with daily procedures, chest tubes, morphine, ventilators and feeding tubes, begging for him to be ok - asking the doctors if we were having him suffering too much- should I let him go to Heaven? As I hold him tight now, remembering with tear filled eyes - I am so thankful, I feel so incredibly blessed. Though some of our babies are out of the hospitial, they are still preemies and most of us have many long battles ahead of us yet. So I remember you Preemie Moms and Dads - you are not alone! We love you. Stay strong! Happy Preemie Parents Day!

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  1. Hey lovely lady! Jaxson is getting SO BiG!!!!!!!! You need to update your blog more, not just your facebook. Love you and Jax!